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Scott, what an amazing body fo work you have created, and I know, at tremendous personal cost. I'm proud of my friend from all the way back to first grade. Sarah
Sarah Trachy <[email protected]>
Cold Brook, NY USA -   

Scott, Just checking in this new year. Hope all is well with you. When in the New York area let me know. Bucky
Bucky <[email protected]>

Hi Scott Great looking site. Its terrific to see you've been doing such interesting work. best wishes. Patty Harris
Patty Harris <[email protected]>
USA -   

Scott, Fantastic work! I hope we work together again soon! Keep up the quality journalism. There are to few people who "get it". (you know what I mean) I hope this year brings you all the blessings you deserve. Call me when ever you need something!Keep in touch! Your Pal, TJ Walkup DP/Producer "GOODIE" Outlining an Invisible Man
TJ Walkup <[email protected]>
San Francisco, Ca USA -         

It's really nice to check in and see what you're been up to--since Ortega lost the election. I've always regarded you as one of the top photographers and writers covering the conflict in Central America. It was great to see your piece in Harper's. I'll continue to keep an eye out for your work.
Robert Wright <[email protected]>
San Jos, CA USA - 

It's great to see "real" photojournalism on the 'Net. Best wishes (from the ex-photographer who lives upstairs) and Nikon rules ! Bill Geissler Maplewood, NJ Formerly employed at #2 WTC.
Bill Geissler <[email protected]>
Maplewood, NJ USA -

Great looking site Scott. I congratulate your high quality work and very diverse range of projects. When you make it back through Columbia look me up. Saludos, Bill
William Clary <[email protected]>
Columbia, Mo USA -

Your grasp of the diverse cultures which you have visited is incredible! Encore, soon, please!
miss sally <[email protected]>
Atlanta, GA USA -

Scott: Congrats on a great web site, a great document of your work. people are the story, as you always used to tell me at mizzou j-school. please keep me posted on your latest adventures.
pete engardio <[email protected]>
new york, ny USA -

Scott, Thanks for the visit today. Sorry about the rain but as you see Brazil has nothing on us. Also sorry for the delay in visiting your site. I felt there was no time like the present. I am impressed to say the least. I will fequent the site in hopes to find continuing updates. Keep up the good work and may the force be with you. Bob
Bob Saunders <[email protected]>
Whitesboro, NY USA -

Scott: Congratulations on a very impressive site. You're a helluva journalist. Keep it going. Rick
Rick <[email protected]>
Ottawa, CANADA -

Wallace, Most dramatic and very well done my friend. The photos seem to be updated frequently. Keep the great work coming!!
Jake Cunningham <[email protected]>
New York, NY USA -

Scott, your site looks great now that it is completed! It has been a big help with my work this semester. Thanks! Mack
Mackie Wallace <[email protected]>
utica, ny USA -

Great work Scott. Keep it up. Love, Dad
Bob Wallace <[email protected]>
New Hartford, ny USA -

When the going gets tough - Scott Wallace is there!
Bob R <[email protected]>
Oneida County, NY USA -

Fabulous, Scott. It's a collection you should be proud of. Keep 'em comin'! Congratulations!
Dianna Cahn <[email protected]>

Great site. Superior caliber. One idea. Add indiginous music from each location to each gallery.
Jim Wallace <[email protected]>
Syracuse, NY USA -

Very impressive indeed! But why leave out all of our youthful combat experience in the old neighborhood? It seems to me that dealing with those dangers has served you well in many a far-flung location. Your brother is truly proud.
Christopher B. Wallace <[email protected]>
Utica, NY USA -

Very impressive Scott. We should all have one of these. Looks fantastic. David.
David Adams <[email protected]>
Key Biscayne, Fl USA -

Hola Scott Realmente interesantes tus artículos. No había tenido la oportunidad de verlos y en el caso de los pandilleros y la violencia salvadoreña después del fin a la guerra civil, que vos y muchos otros vivimos, tiene su atractivo elaborado por un cronista de calidad. saludos Alberto
Alberto Barrera <[email protected]>
San Salvador, El Salvador -

Looked at the pictures of El Salvador and Nicaragua... lots of memories... I am sorry we're not working together right now, but we never know what tomorrow may bring! Good luck and hope to see you down some dirt road...
Mario de Carvalho <[email protected]>
Atl, Ga USA -

Scott, What a fabulous website! Congratulations and best wishes for continued success and accolades wherever the road leads you. Buen viaje.
Sharon Silva <[email protected]>
Atlanta, GA USA -

Hey Scott- this site is beautiful! Good luck with everything and be careful on assignment! Claudia
Claudia Tenney Cleary <[email protected]>
Utica, NY USA -

Beam him up Scotty: You are truly a renaissance man. Your Penthouse feature on the Russian Mafia, was perhaps your penultimate article, yet this important body of work is strangely absent from your impressive web site. You're not hearing the footsteps of Anzuri's infamous "21st Century" are you? More continued, and richly deserved, success to a bright, hard working journalist! Sincerely - The Russian Penguin
Steven Deshavio Warshaw <[email protected]>
Golden's Bridge, NY USA -

Brilliant, Scott! Bravo. The website looks great. I can;t wait to see the journal, and more pieces flowing in! Abrazos, Jon Lee
jon lee anderson <[email protected]>
Swyre, Dorset, England -

Escott, Great site! It's good to be able to tap into your work all in one place. Keep it coming. Hope all is going well.
Bucky <[email protected]>
Weston, CT USA -

scammin in wartime
Richard Chetwynd <[email protected]>
male pulkowo, poland -

Hi Scott, the site looks fantastic. It's great to see so much of your work in one place. --Jim
Jim Meigs <[email protected]>

Scott -- Thanks for thinking of me. I'm signing up. Allbest, Lenny
Lenny Glynn <[email protected]>
Boston, MA USA -

Hey Scott, I just got the article on the Yanomami. You did an amazing job. Would have been fun to be your "guide" on that one... Wacombema! Tressa
Tressa Green <[email protected]>
Austin, TX USA -

Very impressive, Escott. I barely recognised you in Indian costume. Suerte
Angus MacSwan <[email protected] >
miami, USA -

I love the site. Great work as usual scott. Your in good hands with the mezz man.
phil fasolo <[email protected]>
utica, ny USA -

Joe/Scott...Real Nice, and to think I once worked with both of Yyou.
Wayne Gentile <[email protected]>
NewHartford, NY USA -

All your hard work has paid off...looks great!!!
Ilion, NY 13357 -

Nice site. Thanks. Just added myself to your mail list. Looking forward to more.
Melissa Stone <[email protected]>
Central NY, USA -

Nice Site...I will be back.
Jodie English <[email protected]>